The Campus of the International Balkan University is located in Skopje, in the north part of the Macedonian capital. In an area of 19,000 meter squares, our second ‘home’ will include 6 major buildings: one for the Rectorate, four blocks for the faculties, schools and institutes, and one building which will serve as a social-cultural center (library, study halls, restaurant, coffee shops, sports halls, etc.) The total constructed net area of the campus will reach 35,000 meter squares. Right beneath the campus area, three dormitories dedicated for accommodation of our students will be built.

The Campus will add extra value to the International Balkan University, providing its staff and students with the most modern educational and working standards as a ground for grasping new horizons and reaching greater achievements. Based on the recent fast-increasing trend on one hand and the capacities of the university campus on the other, IBU is rising as a top destination in the Balkan region and further for students who seek knowledge, practical skills and prosperous careers in the futre.